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Notes on tech

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4/10/2004 02:05:00 PM, posted by anand

I was reading an article in Seattle Times, sent to me by a friend, about offshoring/outsourcing. It mentioned that even lot of Washington state jobs are being sent overseas and the article also dished out a few statistics supporting that.

All the hoopla about offshoring doesnt make any sense. Why was there no problem when the blue collar jobs were being sent overseas. Walmart, the number one fortune 500 company, imports about $12 billion worth of merchandise from China. What would you call that? Does that mean that Walmart outsourced the manufacturing of the merchandise? and that they are being evil and not supporting the local economy. Just pick up any household item, clothing, toys, pens, furniture, computer hardware etc and most likely it would be manufactured outside of the US. Then, why do I just hear bickering about software/computer jobs being outsourced?

So while on this topic, another good article that appeared in the Wired magazine can be found: here
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