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Notes on tech

Notes on technology, business, enterpreneurship, economy, markets along with interesting general tidbits.

4/05/2004 12:53:00 AM, posted by anand

After lots of sleepless nights, chai, screaming, shouting, hair pulling, name calling and "typing like crazy" later.. I finally succeeded in upgrading this site/server to the bells-n-whistles dual-proc machine. Now this site runs on a *real* server. Besides, also added some cool features (calendar, spell check, folder-size, disk quota, address book) to my email server. Sorry, but you cannot see it. Its just available to a few priveledged users who happen to know me personally :)

One more thing. The photogallery is now online. Thanks to some of the CSS (style sheet - duh!)abracadabra, it all now looks part of the site theme although every bit of it is program generated, unlike all the other static stuff.

Now with this infrastructure things behind me, I have to get onto something more real. Like working on the craigslist notification project that I have voluntarily (and lazily) mothballed.

Miles to go before I sleep. But for now, I really need to sleep.. its 1.00 am in the morning ;)
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